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About Live Wire Records

Description Live Wire Records ®™ Entertainment, Artist, Songwriter, Production, Audio Video & Film Engineering, Creative Consulting Firm, Management; Music Publishing; Touring and Merchandising; Film Television; and Music label. @LiveWireElite #LiveWireRecords #LiveWireEmpire #LiveWireathletics S.L.A.P TV & DVD MAGAZINE @SLAPTV_DVD Reality TV Show of Behind scenes of Entertainment Industry; Filming, Shows, Events, Concerts Movies - #LiveWireRecords Everywhere · livewireenterprise.com BMI | Repertoire Search http://lnkd.in/ekFrUC Live Wire Athletics is Live Wire Records brand and merchandise. A sports athletic and health shopping center comparable to Dicks Finish line and GNC all in one /w Organically grown food in some areas Live Wire Athletics is Athletic Clothing, Workout Equipment, & General Nutrition supplement Line developed for the health conscious man,women & child 8 and up. Advanced formula for professional athletes. We mainly focused on function and comfort development, not style, but stylish. Making calisthenics, cardiovascular, & resistance training an all in one workout, For overall health management made easy.
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