Major Mathmatix, Exec., Producer, Director,

Major Mathmatix, Executive, Producer, Manager, wrtiter, Publisher, TV, Film, Director, S.L.A.P TV, Live Wire Records, New York, LiveWire Records, Major Mathmatix, Livewire, LiveWire Empire, LiveWire Athletics, Music, Film, TV, Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, Major, Keani, Cochelle, Major Mathematics, Mathematics, majormathmatix, major
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About Live Wire Records

Description Live Wire Records ®™ Entertainment, Artist, Songwriter, Production, Audio Video & Film Engineering, Creative Consulting Firm, Management; Music Publishing; Touring and Merchandising; Film Television; and Music label. @LiveWireElite #LiveWireRecords #LiveWireEmpire #LiveWireathletics S.L.A.P TV & DVD MAGAZINE @SLAPTV_DVD Reality TV Show of Behind scenes of Entertainment Industry; Filming, Shows, Events, Concerts Movies - #LiveWireRecords Everywhere · livewireenterprise.com BMI | Repertoire Search http://lnkd.in/ekFrUC Live Wire Athletics is Live Wire Records brand and merchandise. A sports athletic and health shopping center comparable to Dicks Finish line and GNC all in one /w Organically grown food in some areas Live Wire Athletics is Athletic Clothing, Workout Equipment, & General Nutrition supplement Line developed for the health conscious man,women & child 8 and up. Advanced formula for professional athletes. We mainly focused on function and comfort development, not style, but stylish. Making calisthenics, cardiovascular, & resistance training an all in one workout, For overall health management made easy.
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